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Know What To Do In Case Of Orthodontic Emergency

Orthodontic emergencies are not frequent, but they can occur, and you must know how to respond when you face a severe orthodontic emergency. For most orthodontic emergencies, your emergency orthodontist in Arlington can provide you with the solution to save you from a severe dental case. 

How to Avoid Orthodontic Emergencies?

It’s crucial to follow the instructions of your Arlington orthodontist and not to avoid any extreme issues.

  • Maintain good dental hygiene by brushing, flossing between your braces, and remaining hydrated every day
  • Avoid hard, sticky, crunchy, acidic foods 
  • Take care while playing sports & wear a protecting mouthguard

How to handle Orthodontic Emergencies?

If you experience any excessive bleeding or other dental emergencies like broken, cracked, or chipped teeth, it’s essential to know how to handle emergencies.

Loose bracket or wires:

If a part of your braces becomes loose, it will cause you discomfort. For a loose bracket, you should apply orthodontic wax to hold it until you meet your orthodontist.

Protruding or loose wire:

If a section of the archwire starts protruding from a bracket try to utilize the tip of a pencil eraser to force the wire back down and secure it with dental wax. If you cannot resolve the poking wire issue and it’s causing you discomfort, feel free to use a neat pair of nail clippers to slowly cut that section of the wire.

Swallowed piece of my appliance:

It can be very scary if this happens, but most of the time, the piece will either be dissolved by stomach acids or pass naturally. The only time to be startled is if you consume a piece and it is accidentally breathed into the airway. But this is very infrequent, it’s essential to act fast if this occurs. It’s important to call our dental emergency orthodontist in Arlington for guidance if you think you have consumed an orthodontic piece. 

Food trapped between teeth:

It is not an orthodontic emergency at all and can easily get fixed with a flossing or interdental brush to extract the entrapped food.

Loose teeth:

It’s completely okay to undergo loose teeth while undergoing orthodontic treatment. Your teeth require to loosen to push into more explicit positions. Once your teeth get shifted, your teeth will not feel loose.

Soreness after adjustment:

After your appliance is modified, you will feel little pain and tenderness. It will be quite apparent while eating and biting. This pain should only last about 2 to 6 days after an adjustment. To help ease the discomfort you can try rinsing your mouth out with warm salty water or having painkillers that you normally take for a headache.

Contact Arlington Orthodontists for Emergency Orthodontic Care

If you think you are suffering from a severe orthodontic emergency, which needs to be treated right away, it is not a good idea to wait for long- you must visit an orthodontist right away. Your orthodontic emergency needs attention, so please contact our dental office in Arlington, in case you face any time of orthodontic emergency.