Invisalign® for Adults


Invisalign clear aligners use the most advanced technology to give you your best smile yet. Using a series of aligners made with advances such as proprietary SmartTrack® material, Invisalign treatment can straighten your teeth with 75% more predictability.* Plus, your smile is shaped more gently and with less pain than braces.**

The best part? Your lifestyle isn’t interrupted, which means you can still enjoy the activities you love and the foods you can’t live without. All with no unexpected trips to our office due to broken wires or brackets.

The Treatment

During your initial Invisalign treatment appointment, we will complete a scan or impression. Together with the Invisalign system’s team of specialists, we’ll craft a complete digital treatment plan, and map out your best smile yet from beginning to end.

The Aligners

Invisalign clear aligners are designed to transform your smile up to 50% faster*** and are made with unique advances, such as SmartTrack material. Each aligner throughout your treatment moves your teeth gradually and predictably as you continue to live your life the way you want.

The Transformation

Throughout your treatment, you’ll see your smile transform, and steadily reveal the person you’ve always imagined yourself to be. With the help of Invisalign clear aligners and our office, you’ll discover how a series of small, expertly designed tooth shifts can shape a whole new future.

* When compared with clear aligners that are made of off-the-shelf, single-layer .030-inch material

** In a study by Miller et al., with adults measuring pain in the first week of treatment

*** With weekly aligner changes, compared with two-week aligner wear Invisalign and the Invisalign logo, among others, are trademarks of Align Technology, Inc., and are registered in the U.S. and other countries.

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"Very high excellence, atmosphere of anticipation, excitement for life & joy of living. No disappointments here. The dear precious lady who waited on me, don't remember her name, it has been a couple months, she took my impressions. Told me the orthodontic insurance I had would not pay for retainers redo, but the dentist next door could help if I need a dentist. We finished. I asked her what the dentist next door name was? She walked me over, introduced me to the dentist, his staff & left me in good hands. I got impressions for the other retainer on the spot. Beyond all ideas of customer service. Meet the patients needs. This place is fantastic."

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