Same-Day Braces in Arlington


Orthodontic treatment requires a time commitment on your part: taking the time to practice good oral hygiene, spending time at our office for regular appointments, and making sure to use your appliances correctly. Though we can’t eliminate the amount of time you’ll need to spend in your braces, we CAN reduce the time it will take to begin your treatment with same-day braces!

During your complimentary consultation, we will help you decide which type of orthodontic treatment will be best for your needs and goals. If you choose traditional orthodontic treatment with braces, we can facilitate same-day braces, and eliminate a second appointment for the application of your brackets and wires.

We value your time and understand you have taken time off from the rest of your life to undergo orthodontic treatment. Our goal is to be as accommodating and respectful of your time as possible.




"I really appreciate how friendly, positive, and kind everyone in the office is. Dr. Hildebrand and his staff took care of my kids very well, and I loved them so much I came back for me! They are always willing to take the time to explain anything, from the treatment to the financial side of things, which I greatly appreciate."

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