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Dr. Jed Hildebrand was able to be a contestant on the hit reality TV show on CBS, Survivor Season 5: Thailand. He was between his third and fourth year of dental school at the time, and traveled with CBS to Thailand to film the reality show.

Dr. Hildebrand competed fiercely in the immunity challenges; he saved his tribe twice single-handedly, and was able to stay nine days on the island. He was voted off due to his strength and character: Other tribe members worried about Jed as a potential threat to win the million-dollar grand prize.

Dr. Hildebrand loved the experience and loves sharing it with his patients, so ask him if he ate bugs on the island and he will give you the full scoop on the show.

The Scripture Verses on Jed’s Survivor Frisbee


II Tim. 4:7

I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the Faith.

Dr. Hildebrand Talks About His Experience on the Show

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