Digital Teeth Impressions I

Digital Impressions with iTero® Element™ Digital Scanner

The iTero Element Scanner is an ultra-modern digital impression system that eradicates the necessity for muddy putty in your mouth. With our iTero Element Scanner, we are capable of digitally catching a detailed 3D model of our patient’s teeth and gums. Not only is this procedure far more relaxed than the old putty-based impressions, but it’s quicker and can offer a special clinical endpoint.

How iTero Technology Benefits You

  • Ultimately, you can say goodbye to the goop, gagging, pain, and stress you’ve undergone in the past with conventional dental impression materials!
  • It gives us the prompt capability to consider whether or not we’ve sufficiently equipped your tooth for restoration.
  • This technology is ideal for manufacturing restorations such as new crowns, veneers, and fillings for teeth — usually possible in one office visit.
  • It takes less time than conventional dental impressions.

Here’s How iTero® Element Works?

The first stage of restoration, preparing the tooth surface, stays almost the same. We must remove any dental decay and shape the remaining tooth for a crown or filling so that it can fit properly. It will allow us to restore a tooth to its initial shape, look, and operation. Next, we lightly brush the area with a reflective material so that we can register multiple images of your tooth’s exterior with our small scanning rod. 

Later, the computer element is coupled to the scanning rod and will incorporate these pictures into a computer-generated 3D image. This unique tool utilizes blue wavelength light so that we can precisely grasp the unique niches and gaps of your tooth’s surface to make a favorably precise 3D digital model. It allows us to immediately analyze a tooth and your bite. Another benefit of this approach is that we can instantly identify any other prep work needed for new crowns, veneers, and fillings; enforce those changes, and rescan the tooth to form a new series of images and 3D models. Once we are satisfied with our images and prep work, we then send those images to the lab for a copy. This approach will permit us to construct a crown or a filling that can usually get completed in a single dental office visit.

iTero® Element in Arlington

Dentists usually complete dental impressions by keeping you hold that tray material in your mouth for some time, maybe a minute or two, occasionally more than once if it didn’t come out precisely the first time. The impressions then get used for the crown, bridge, Invisalign, and other therapies. Impressions are messy, and the iTero scanner replaces all of that.

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Good News! Dental treatment at Hildebrand Orthodontics just got better with the addition of our iTero Scanner. Dentists of Hildebrand Orthodontics are proud to announce that our dentists in Arlington use iTero Scanner to treat our patients with state-of-the-art technology.

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