Early Orthodontic Treatment – Why Should You Start As Early As Possible

Early Orthodontic Treatment – Why Should You Start As Early As Possible?

Are you worried about your child’s crooked teeth? As a parent, it’s only natural to want your child to have the perfect smile and optimal oral health. To ensure they get a straight set of teeth, you should take your child to the best orthodontist for Early Orthodontic Treatment in Arlington.

What Is Early Orthodontic Treatment?

Early orthodontic treatment is also called phase I of orthodontic treatment. It is designed to help young children who have some or all of their baby teeth, which may prevent proper growth and alignment of permanent teeth.

What Are The Different Types Of Early Orthodontic Treatments?

There are different types of options available in early orthodontic treatment. However, the type of orthodontic treatment will depend on your child’s orthodontic issue. The primary goal of early orthodontic treatment is to address skeletal issues with the jaw and alignment before the eruption of the permanent teeth.

When Does My Child Need Early Orthodontic Treatment?

Not every child requires early orthodontic treatment; however, it is necessary to ensure permanent teeth erupt properly. With early orthodontic treatment, your child won’t have to deal with future issues, such as crooked, crowded, protruding, or gapped teeth.

The best way to identify if your child needs orthodontic treatment is by visiting the orthodontist in Arlington. If the orthodontist notices a change in the child’s jaw and alignment, they will recommend early orthodontic treatment. A few concerns are as follows:

  • Loss of baby teeth before the age of five
  • Mouth breathing or snoring
  • If your child has crowded front teeth
  • Protruding teeth
  • Difficulty in chewing or biting
  • A speech impediment
  • Shift in the jaw while your child opens or closes their mouth.
  • Thumb-sucking habits beyond the age of five.

Children that don’t have any noticeable concerns with the alignment of their teeth and jaw don’t require phase I Orthodontics and can directly start with phase II Orthodontic treatment. The best way to determine if your child can benefit from orthodontic treatment is by visiting an orthodontist who will use dental x-rays and conduct a thorough examination to determine the issue and give your child the best smile.

When Should I Start My Child’s Early Orthodontic Treatment?

The ideal age for early orthodontic treatment depends on your child’s orthodontic issue. Parents should be aware that their children can get braces at the age of eight. Therefore, you need to visit the dentist by the age of seven. It may seem like it’s too young, but it is the ideal age for your child to start orthodontic treatment as permanent teeth start to erupt at that age. Also, since your child has developing bones and teeth, orthodontic treatment will ensure that your child gets the perfect alignment and bite.

Benefits Of Starting Early Orthodontic Treatment As Soon As Possible

There are several advantages of Early Orthodontic Treatment in Arlington. It is a great way to help your child’s developing mouth and treat them before they turn into major issues.

  • Early Identification

The orthodontist will identify if there are any major problems in your child’s development of their mouth and jaw. This will protect your child from future complications and surgeries.

  • Improves Confidence

It’s natural for your child to feel insecure about their crooked smile, and braces allow your child to regain their confidence. With early orthodontic treatment, your child will also achieve optimal oral health.

  • Improves Speech

If your child has crooked or misaligned teeth, it can lead to poor dental health and create speech difficulties, making it tough for your child to pronounce certain words. Correcting their orthodontic issue while their jaws are still developing is the best way to ensure they won’t have to face this problem throughout their life.

  • Guiding Adult Teeth

If your child loses their baby teeth, the permanent ones start to erupt. During this time, early orthodontic treatment will help your child’s teeth move into a more favorable position. This will save you money down the line and ensure your child can have the perfect smile.

Start Your Child’s Early Orthodontic Treatment In Arlington Today!

The best way to ensure your child gets a smile that will last for years to come is by visiting the best orthodontist in Arlington for early orthodontic treatment. Make sure you take your child to Orthodontist as soon as possible for the perfect smile and bite.