What Is a Palatal Expander & What Is Their Purpose (1)

What Is a Palatal Expander & What Is Their Purpose?

We have seen people snoring at night, which takes away our sleep? Ever wondered why it happens in the very first place? The answer is a narrow upper jaw. It causes them to breathe through their mouth and due to whole night snoring, they wake up with a dry mouth due to mouth breathing. In such cases, you need a palatal expander, for which you need to visit your orthodontist as soon as possible. Want to know more about palatal expanders? Here’s your guide to palatal expanders, which we bet you had no idea about. 

Palatal Expanders and How They Work 

Palate expanders are particularly considered potential oral devices that are utilized as a preventative approach for possible dental issues. Palatal expanders, also known as orthodontic expanders, are frequently discovered to be widespread among pre-adolescent children. It is found to be produced specifically for each person to avoid the formation of a narrow upper jaw. A palatal expander is often utilized for between 6 and 9 months, depending on the kid or adult’s oral temperament and requirement. With a palatal expander, you can:

  • Assists in the repair of crowding and misalignment dental problems.
  • Palatal expanders are used to lessen the need for oral surgery in children.
  • Palatal expanders can readily be attached to other orthodontic devices, such as dental braces, using the same sutures.

A suture on the roof of your mouth connects the palate when it is applied. A consistent force is applied to your upper jaw as a result of the expander’s gentle application, which aids in the expansion of your upper jaw. You may initially have some little discomfort, for which you may need to take medications to relieve the pain or discomfort.

When Should You Start The Treatment With A Palatal Expander

If you want a palatal expander, then your orthodontist will most likely make it custom-made for you, for the compatible fitting of it on your upper jaw. For activating the device, you simply turn a screw and it helps in inducing the tension at the junction of it. Such propositions become a reality in the following cases: 

1. Crooked Teeth

Once you realize that you have crooked teeth, it is most likely that you will visit an orthodontist. In some cases, crooked teeth occur due to a narrow upper jaw. Thus, you might want to opt for palatal expanders, especially if you have crooked teeth. As it tends to widen your upper jaw, the spacing of your teeth improves essentially, which improves crooked teeth. 

2. Overcrowded Teeth

Just like crooked teeth, if your teeth are overcrowded, a palatal expander in Arlington is a suitable solution for you. This is because it helps you in getting spaces between your teeth, which is largely important for improving your oral health. 

3. Impacted Teeth

Impacted teeth are another reason why you need a palatal expander. Your teeth might be impacted because of crossbites or because of teeth misalignment. In such situations, a palate expander is your most important resort. 

4. Difficulty Eating

Due to your narrow upper jaw, you will likely face eating issues, like difficulty chewing solid food. Overcrowded teeth are another aligned factor that works with it. Hence, it is important to be able to get a palatal expander, especially if you find difficulty in eating. 

Why Are They Used?

With the help of palatal expanders, it enables your orthodontist to be able to prevent any sort of overlapping of your teeth effectively. Followed by other oral health problems, the expanders prevent misalignment of teeth to a great extent. Especially among children, the use of palatal expanders enables them not to fall victim to crossbites or misaligned teeth, as it helps to keep spaces of your teeth intact effectively. The following reasons are imminent behind the use of palatal expanders and are as follows:

1. Relieve Impacted Teeth

Using palatal expanders in children, helps them to get room for permanent teeth eruption conveniently. It eventually facilitates teeth alignment largely. 

2. Corrects Overcrowding

You need to understand one thing- that palatal expanders are considered adequate for widening your jaws. So, if you have overcrowded teeth, it will ensure that your gums have the right gaps in between the teeth.

3. Corrects Crossbites

Crossbites are found to be a major problem among children, which can be resolved through palatal expanders. The gentle separation of bones over the horizontal upper jaws will help in proper teeth alignment eventually. 

Palatal Expanders In Arlington

Still not sure whether you are ready for a palatal expander? We at Hildebrand Orthodontics are here to help you out. Schedule an appointment with our skilled and experienced orthodontist in Arlington, who will give you the best possible solution for your narrow upper jaw. Connect with us and get your pairs of palatal expanders in Arlington’s Hildebrand Orthodontics today!