Orthodontic Emergency

What Are Some of The Typical Orthodontic Emergencies?

The widely desired, and often unattainable, perfect smile requires constant attention to one’s mouth. It is essential not to ignore even the slightest soreness or bleeding, and see an emergency dentist as soon as possible. But, how would you know you need the help of emergency dentistry & es[especially in the case when you are undergoing orthodontic treatment? In this article, we’ll cover the dental issues that need to be addressed urgently. 

What Is Considered An Orthodontic Emergency?

Although rare, there are a few instances where orthodontic emergencies apply. They can be discomfort from orthodontic equipment, loose wires or bands, or sore mouth. These problems can be taken care of at home but should be taken care of by an orthodontist if it persists. Orthodontic emergencies that require immediate attention are damaged wires, loose brackets, severe pain or discomfort due to orthodontic appliance, trauma, or injury in the face or mouth area. These conditions require immediate attention and should be taken care of without delay.

Common Orthodontic Emergencies

1. Troublesome Damaged Wires

Broken wires are the most common emergency. Misuse of equipment due to chewing hard food or gums, trauma, or knocking off teeth can cause the wires to become loose, and eventually stick out. These protruding wires can cause discomfort in the inner cheek area and gums, eventually leading to infection. An earbud and some soft wax can fix the problem temporarily. However, it is best to have it fixed as soon as possible.

2. Defective Retainer

Retainers are a part of the post-care routine of any treatment. They are just as important and need to be maintained with care. A broken retainer needs to be replaced immediately. Small pieces of retainers can be swallowed. It is advised not to panic in such a situation. These pieces can pass through the digestive system easily. If the patient chokes on these pieces, then immediate action should be taken. 

3. Loose Bracket Or Band

Brackets are small metal devices that are attached to the tooth. The band is the metal ring cemented around the back of the teeth. Loose brackets or bands are common emergencies and pose no immediate threat, however, they cause discomfort and, in some cases, cause injuries. If the band or the archwire attached to the brackets comes off, it is better to contact your Emergency orthodontist in Arlington rather than try to join by yourself.

4. Food Stuck In Braces

One of the most common, and possibly the nastiest case of orthodontist emergencies is food stuck in braces. Small pieces of food can get stuck in the intricate laces of the braces. These become a major reason for bad breath and can lead to decay if left unattended. The eating guide provided by the orthodontist should be followed, along with avoiding sticky and hard food. A simple floss can help clean the braces.

5. Severe Tooth Pain

As the tooth adjusts to its new and correct position, it is common to feel pain or soreness. For this reason, anti-inflammatory and pain medications are prescribed to the patients. If the pain continues for too long or intensifies, it is advised to visit your Arlington orthodontist as soon as possible. 

Contact For Orthodontic Emergency In Arlington

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We hope that you can understand the most typical orthodontic emergencies, and can take proper care of your problems too, or you can visit our dental office in Arlington, we are pleased to help our patients whenever you need us. So, if you face any problems in the future, please make sure to find the best orthodontist in Arlington.