Retainers for Life Protection Plan

One of the most rewarding part of orthodontic care is being able to impact a persons life by creating their beautiful new smile. It surpasses aesthetics. A new smile can mean overcoming daily life altering migraines for people with TMJ issues. It can mean keeping your teeth healthy and longer by being able to clean and floss properly to avoid bone loss and other health related issues. For a self conscious teen it can mean gaining confidence, thriving and have one less thing to be concerned with in their journey into adulthood. That is at the center of why we practice Orthodontics.
Getting you there is what we do and who we are. After your journey through orthodontics comes an often forgotten topic. Retainers… Often this topic is left on the backburner until issues arise usually when you least expect or when your child is off to college. Its heart wrenching for us to see our patient return with teeth shifted because retainers were not worn or replaced. Its frustrating for mom and dad (or your pocket if you are the patient) to see shifting after you worked so hard to make this happen. Its especially disappointing for patients to hear they may need to go back into braces.
We are committed to growing and taking our high quality care to new levels beyond the completion of orthodontics. That is why we are excited to announce a game changer that prevents the shifting before it happens: Retainers for Life. Retainers for Life operates through state of the art technology for storage and fabrication of custom replacement retainers as prescribed to you by Dr Jed. Through the Retainers for Life Protection Plan we now offer a lifetime replacement retainer guarantee that goes with you no matter where life takes you. For Retainers for Life patients, its as simple as ordering your $39 replacement online and getting it mailed to your doorstep. We believe in providing you the tools for success and beginning September 2021, we will begin to incorporate Retainers for Life in what we do.
Lets achieve your smile goals today knowing you now have protection that prepares you for what tomorrow may bring. If we learned anything in 2020, it was the fact that our patients need accessible patient care and solutions that can go with you. Together we can get to that beautiful new smile and together we can make sure your smile lasts you forever.
What you can do to prevent shifting:
1) Retainer Use – After treatment it takes time for your teeth to settle into their new position and time for the ligaments and bone to restructure to the change. Even after that our dental anatomy changes with age-arches narrow causing new potential shifting. Retainers prevent this from happening altogether.
2) Contact us Immediately when you lose a retainer-teeth can move very quickly. Most shifting happens gradually but by the time it is noticeable, its often too late. Contact us immediately to avoid delays and potential shifting.
3) Ask About Retainers for Life-If you are a current patient who started before the introduction of Retainers for Life in Hildebrand Orthodontics, contact us right away to enroll in the Retainers for Life Protection Plan. More information can be found on our website here.