Emergency Orthodontic Care

What Are Orthodontic Emergencies? How To Know When To Seek Orthodontic Emergency Care?

Emergency Orthodontic Care: Issues You Can Handle At Home

Whether you’re wearing traditional metal braces or clear braces, you’ve picked an excellent way to get your teeth into correct alignment. This technique is a tried-and-true treatment that has been established successfully for numerous people over the years. Along with the many advantages of braces come a few possible issues, but you can manage most of them at home until you can make an appointment to visit us at our dental office for emergency orthodontic care in Arington. 

Here are the problems that need a phone call and a visit but are not emergencies:-

  • Loose Bracket: Put soft wax over the loose parts and call for an appointment.
  • Poking Wire: Push it down with a clean pencil eraser, shield it with soft wax, and call for a dentist appointment.
  • Loose Wires: Turn loose wires back into place with small pliers, secure with dental floss, cover with wax, and call for a dental appointment in Arlington.
  • Broken Headgear: Draw it out.

Along with these rare problems, it’s normal to feel some pain when wearing braces as they function to shift your teeth. Over-the-counter pain medications work well to relieve minor toothaches. As you become habitual in wearing your new braces, your gums, lips, tongue, and cheeks may become sore. 

What Are Some Of The Orthodontic Emergencies

People must know everything about dental & oral health related to orthodontics, such as when your orthodontic problem is more complex? What to do when you have a severe dental issue? & What to do when you have a few loose, poking brackets or wires?  You may require prompt attention. Here’s what comprises orthodontic emergency care:


If your gums or inner cheek exhibit symptoms of infection, you must come and visit our dental office in Arlington straight away. Look for white ulcers, pimple-like bumps, and inflamed tissue, as these are some indicators that you may have an infection. Rinse with the warm salt water solution we mentioned and immediately call our emergency orthodontic care in Arlington.

Severe Pain

While mild soreness is okay when you wear braces, extreme pain is not, and it doesn’t occur very often. If you feel severe pain, it may hint at another issue like infection or dental problems. Call our emergency orthodontic care in Arlington directly to get to the bottom of your problem.


If you’ve net with an accident, hit your face hard, or have bleeding abundantly, get emergency medical care help. Then, as soon as you’re secure and sound, call us, so we can take prompt action and either restore or remove your braces so you can recover fast. 

Get Emergency Orthodontic Care In Arlington

If you are suffering from the above-mentioned orthodontic issues, then you must not hesitate & waste your time further; reach out to an orthodontic dentist to help you heal fast.  Sometimes metal braces can cause severe injuries inside your mouth & cheeks- it is better not to ignore them and consult a professional orthodontic dentist in Arlington. We can help you solve your orthodontic issues, contact us to book an appointment or call 817-803-8009
us in case of an emergency.