How important is your smile?

You work hard, you care about your health and you want to look your very best. Your teeth are an important part of your health, your appearance, and your self-confidence. Why leave your oral health in the hands of anyone other than a skilled qualified specialist with years of experience? Dr. Hildebrand and our staff is committed to providing our patients of the Arlington, Mansfield TX, and Fort Worth TX communities with the highest quality in orthodontic care.

And speaking of smiling, in a new poll conducted by Glamour Magazine, people were asked, “If you had to pick between having perfect teeth, eyesight or hair, which would you choose?

Well, 44 percent of folks out there are choosing teeth! In addition, the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, or AACD, conducted a study and found that 99.7 percent of those polled believed a smile is an important social asset. Respondents said straightness, whiteness, cleanliness, as well as the sincerity and sparkle of a person’s smile, were all important factors not only socially, but career-wise as well.

Please contact us at Hildebrand Orthodontics for your complimentary consultation, and start smiling!