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Why Early Orthodontic Treatment Is Essential?

Not every child requires early orthodontic treatment, but there are times when it is essential to ensure permanent teeth come through appropriately. Early orthodontic treatment can lower the chance of problems such as overcrowded teeth, crooked teeth, and cracks. Early orthodontic treatment in Arlington can start as early as seven years of age. 

The Importance Of Early Orthodontic Treatment

Many parents Know the need for early orthodontic treatment (phase II) for their children to guarantee they do not have any oral health troubles due to the alignment of their teeth, but early orthodontic treatment (phase I) can also be crucial. The following is an outline of early orthodontic treatment and when it is necessary. 

Defining Early Orthodontic Treatment

Early orthodontic treatment, also called phase I of orthodontic treatment, is created to help young children who have few or all of their primary teeth, which prevents improper growth and alignment of permanent teeth. There are different types of choices available in early orthodontic treatment, relying on the issue of the child. The three most common kinds of treatment include a palatal expander, partial braces, and a retainer. The primary goal is to handle skeletal problems with the jaw and alignment before or shortly after permanent teeth appear. 

When To Consider Early Orthodontic Treatment

Early orthodontic treatment is the best idea if the general dentist or orthodontist sees a problem with the child’s jaw or teeth alignment after permanent teeth come across. Several problems that they might check for are:

  • Malocclusion
  • Bite difficulties
  • Narrow jaw
  • Protruding teeth

Early orthodontic treatment is a head start for phase II orthodontics. It decreases the demand for treatments such as metal braces or clear aligners. buy alprazolam 1mg buy xanax for panic attacks

Children Who Do Not Need Early Orthodontic Treatment

It is crucial to note that not every child needs early orthodontic treatment. Children who do not have any noteworthy concerns with the alignment of their jaw or teeth must likely wait until phase II orthodontics for treatment. The most suitable way to decide if a child can benefit from early orthodontic treatment is to consider seeing an orthodontist in Arlington, so they can take dental X-rays and perform an oral examination to know how the permanent teeth and the jaw are growing. 

What Age Should My Child Visit An Orthodontist?

Orthodontists in Arlington suggest having children come in for a checkup visit as early as six or seven years of age. As mentioned, many do not require treatment until later, but an early visit can give the orthodontist and the parent a better idea of what treatment may be required at a later age and what can be done during phase I to lower the demand for treatment afterward. 

Orthodontist In Arlington

To know if your child requires an early orthodontic treatment, it is best to consult with an orthodontist in Arlington who specializes in pediatric dentistry. Reach out to us today & learn more about early orthodontic treatment. Contact us to book your appointment now at our dental office.