Dr. Hildebrand and Foster Elementary’s Career Day!

I have heard from our previous blog post, Dr. Hildebrand and some of our team were invited to Foster Elementary’s Career Day on May 2nd. Held for the 4th, 5th, and 6th grade students, we went ready to teach the students all about the orthodontic field!

Our team covered a ton during our session. We educated the students how our office works, including the step by step process of preparing a patient for treatment/ placing the brackets, attaching arch wires, and placing colored o’rings. We also used xray examples of both adult and child patients to distinguish the difference in baby and adult teeth. To give the students an idea of what sorts of materials Dr. Hildebrand and our team work with, we displayed examples of the different types of appliances and braces we use within our office.

To get the class even more involved, we selected a team of boys & girls to play a family feud like game that was basically a review of our discussion. The class thoroughly  enjoyed participating. And for all their participation, we handed out goodie bags that included candy, logo tattoo, logo chap stick & logo pencil!

Our team at Hildebrand Orthodontics enjoyed stepping out of our normal routine and educating patients on a career in the Orthodontic World!  Teachers as well as the students expressed how fun our career day was for them. Dr. Hildebrand shared with the group some insights as to why he became and orthodontist, and we think we might have had a few future Orthodontists in the crowd!