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How Can I Keep My Teeth Clean With Braces On?

There are many aftercare instructions an orthodontist suggests once you start your teeth straightening or braces treatment in Arlington, including brushing with braces. It is crucial to follow all the instructions about oral hygiene to make your teeth straightening treatment thrive. But it is a bit tough to brush your teeth with braces. Therefore, below we are mentioning some helpful tips on how to brush with braces:-

  1. How Many Times to Brush

    People without braces are most of the time suggested to brush twice a day. But if you are getting teeth straightening treatment with metal braces, you need to follow a unique routine. You have to brush after all the major meals of your day. So you have to remember to brush after breakfast, lunch, dinner, and before bedtime always until the treatment ends. Skipping to brush can lead to oral infections like gingivitis.

  1. Which Type of Toothbrush To Use?

    It is better to use a soft-bristled toothbrush if you are on braces. Your teeth are in weak condition during teeth straightening treatment as they are gradually moving. Stiff bristles can harm them. Choose a brush with a curved head to clean the plaque from inside the braces. You can also use the latest gadgets like an electric toothbrush and a water floss.

  1. Which Type of Toothpaste To Use?

    Whitening toothpaste is not good for your teeth as it gets considered. Their whitening agents are made using some damaging chemicals. Apart from causing harm to your teeth, whitening toothpaste will somewhat whiten your teeth, leaving the area covered with brackets. You don’t want to end up with spots on your teeth after braces treatment. Therefore, use standard toothpaste made for sensitive teeth.

  1. Brush With Braces Technique

    It would be best to brush your gums before heading to brush your teeth. Brush them at a 45-degree angle. You have to keep inclining your brush to get it inside all the brackets. Go with a short circular motion to get inside gums and braces. And take balanced strokes to clean the surface. Go slow on both teeth and braces. It would be best to brush for more than 2 minutes when you are on braces.  The correct approach to brushing with braces is also crucial.

  1. Floss At The Same Time With Brush

    Flossing once a day is as important as brushing while undergoing teeth straightening treatment. You should use a floss thread while you are undergoing teeth straightening treatment. Still, it will be more difficult to floss with braces. Be patient and spend some time flossing if you want wholesome teeth after braces.

Braces make it difficult to brush your teeth properly. It is crucial to follow a good oral regimen while on braces treatment for straightening teeth. At Hildebrand Orthodontics, we have professionals who can provide you with the best orthodontic or braces treatment with guided instructions. Book your appointment now to get the teeth straightening treatment in Arlington or if you want to learn more about some basic but crucial tips on brushing teeth with braces in a routine.