Emergency Orthodontic Care

What Are Orthodontic Emergencies? How To Know When To Seek Orthodontic Emergency Care?

Emergency Orthodontic Care: Issues You Can Handle At Home Whether you’re wearing traditional metal braces or clear braces, you’ve picked an excellent way to get your teeth into correct alignment. This technique is a tried-and-true treatment that has been established successfully for numerous people over the years. Along with the many advantages of braces come a …

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Emergency Care for Orthodontics

Emergency Care for Orthodontics

It’s vital to understand the difference between an orthodontic emergency and minor orthodontic issues. Minor issues can be handled the next day, or at your next scheduled appointment. When a real orthodontic emergency occurs, however, you will need to see a doctor immediately. Emergencies can include injuries to your teeth, jaw, mouth, or face. Whether …

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braces with kids

Spot Check

After all your hard work, and months of orthodontic treatment, the big day is finally here—your braces are coming off! What you want to see: beautiful, straight teeth perfectly aligned to create a comfortable, healthy bite. What you don’t want to see: a collection of whitish spots dotting the enamel around your gum line or outlining the …

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Power Chains

By now, you’re very familiar with the basic building blocks of your braces. Brackets, wires, and ligatures are no mystery to you. But suddenly, you’re hearing a brand new term—“power chains.” What exactly are these power chains, and why does your orthodontist think you need them? Let’s see how power chains are *linked* to your …

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Early Orthodontics

Early Orthodontics

Perhaps you are already planning for the years when your teenager will need orthodontic work. But hearing that your seven-year-old would benefit from orthodontic treatment? That might come as a complete surprise! It’s a recommendation with real benefits, though—early intervention can save children from tooth and bite problems now, and even simplify their future orthodontic …

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