Invisalign For Children

5 Reasons Why Invisalign First Is A Clear Choice For Children

If your child has crooked, misaligned, or gapped teeth, it is time to get your child an orthodontic treatment to correct their teeth and give them the beautiful smile they deserve. Your child may feel insecure with the traditional braces as they are bulky and difficult to clean. You don’t have to wait anymore, get your child the best Invisalign treatment in Arlington, TX. Previously Invisalign was only available for adults and teens, but now with modern technology, even your child can avail of the benefits of removable clear aligners!

What Is Invisalign First?

Invisalign First is similar to Invisalign, which are custom-made, plastic trays that are invisible and easy to use. Your child can now consume all their favorite foods without having to worry about food getting stuck in their brackets or wires. Following are a few of the reasons why Invisalign First in Arlington, TX, is the clear choice for kids.

1. Invisibility

It’s only natural for your child to feel insecure about the bulky traditional braces, with bands, wires, and brackets that restrict them from eating their favorite foods and most importantly take away their smile. Invisalign first is practically Invisible and easy to use. Now your child can talk, eat and drink comfortably without feeling insecure about their smile.

2. Comfortable

Traditional braces are tough to clean properly. It requires a special brush and tools to ensure your child’s teeth are clean. If they aren’t cleaned properly, it can lead to several dental issues such as cavities, gum disease, etc., which will compromise your child’s oral health. Invisalign First in Arlington, TX, is removable, requires minimal maintenance, and is easy for your child to brush and floss. This will help them maintain optimal oral health and reduces the risk of dental issues.

Invisalign First doesn’t cause discomfort or pain, and it reduces the risk of dental emergencies such as broken wires, bands, or cuts on your cheeks, tongue, or lips, which is a very common occurrence with traditional metal braces. Your child can now play sports without having to worry about poking wires or brackets.

3. Can Treat Dental Issues

Invisalign First can treat different dental issues such as

Therefore Invisalign First provides solutions to most of your child’s dental issues ensuring they are on the right track to achieving optimal oral health.

4. Affordable

Dental or orthodontic treatments can be expensive. Invisalign First is affordable and is similar to the price of regular braces. A good orthodontist in Arlington, TX, will work with you to create the best treatment plan by providing budget-friendly options. However, one needs to remember if crowded teeth aren’t corrected at an early age, it can cost you much more in the long run.

5. Avoids Major Dental Issues

Orthodontists can detect any dental issues beforehand and provide solutions to correct these issues. Children between six and ten can start using Invisalign First, which is also known as phase I. This phase I treatment with Invisalign will help your child’s jaw and make sure there’s enough room for existing and upcoming permanent teeth. This Phase I treatment will help your child’s teeth by addressing bite or alignment issues. With Invisalign first in Arlington, TX, you can ensure your child receives the best version of their smile.

Invisalign First In Arlington, TX

At Hildebrand Orthodontics, our experts will make sure to make that your child receives the best Invisalign treatment in Arlington, TX. You can get custom-made aligners with the best technology, which will ensure your child moves forward in the right part to oral health. Contact us or schedule your free orthodontic appointment with the best orthodontist in Arlington, TX.